Free up more time to create with
Freedom FX video compositing mattes!

If you use Digital Juice, ArtBeats, or any other video animations
in your daily video productions, Freedom FX & AniMattes
are the perfect accessories!

Our unique video edge effects have been seen in use on various broadsact television & cable channels world wide and also for The 49th Annual Grammy Awards, the NFL, NBA, NCAA, and Major League Baseball. Testimonials

What are Freedom FX & AniMattes you ask? "Creative, artistic mattes for video compositing" is the short answer. If you are editing video and use any PIP (Picture In Picture) effects, you probably are stuck with the same old basic boring square or circle shapes. Freedom FX allows you to break away from the boring squares and circles to give you the freedom to use organic shaped PIP's with textured and soft edges! Most of these creative mattes were actually hand painted with custom made organic brushes and cannot be duplicated with software based methods.

Unlike Freedom FX which are static mattes, AniMattes are animated mattes with unique organic shapes and textured edges. AniMattes are provided in easy to use loopable NTSC QuickTime files and simply have to be seen in use to be fully appreciated. The Freedom FX/AniMattes bundle comes on 3 DVD-R ROMs and is compatible with both PC and MAC based NLE's. Included are complete easy to follow tutorials that will have you compositing with these mattes like a pro in minutes.

Over 1,000 effects! 10 categories to choose from including:
- Organics - Textured - Overlays - Shapes - Letterbox - Lower Thirds
- Ani-Stills - Alphabet - Numeric - Wipe Transitions.

These great effects are easy to use with most NLE's on the market including Adobe Premiere Pro / 6.x, Apple Final Cut Pro / Express, Avid / Express DV, Sony Vegas Video, Sony Movie Studio, Adobe After Effects, Pro Show Producer, Boris FX, Ulead MediaStudio Pro, DPS Velocity, Media 100, and more! (Special version for Applied Magic's ScreenPlay editing systems). You can also use Freedom FX / AniMattes in any other software capable of importing QuickTime movies and Targa/BMP image files for video compositing.


John Martinez
M-Designs Productions, CA.
"I find your collection of mattes one of the most used in my library and they helped our production this year in The 49th Annual Grammy Awards. The Freedom FX collection is dynamic enough to use in many of our on-air productions such as the BET Music Awards, Soul Train Music Awards, & the Lady of Soul Awards to name a few. Keep up the good work and thanks again."

Mike Helling
Freelance Producer, CO.
"As a freelance sports producer/director, I have had the pleasure of using Freedom FX / AniMattes many times over the last 3 years. They are extremely easy to use and provide a wide variety of effects that can be customized in a matter of seconds. I use them most often when creating "teases" for my game broadcasts for the NBA, NCAA, and MLB. I never get tired of using them because there are so many variations and I look forward to using them many more times in the future."

Jeff Mohr
Something Mohr Productions, KY
"10 out of 10 for the product and 15 out of 10 for the service. OUTSTANDING!!!"

Leo McMichael
take3productions, NJ
"A very useful set that makes regular video look great in seconds! A+"

Chris Hayden
Video Producer, HI
"Serious video editing time saver!"

Louis E Flickinger
Flick Labs, AR
"Fantastic Product! - A TOP LEVEL WOW Tool In My Editing Arsenal!"

Gregor Kopietz
Video Producer, Germany
"These matte animations are the best I have ever seen!"

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