The Freedom FX static mattes and AniMattes ani-stills are located on disc 1.
boxdmess artsy3 pntfram2 swabbed pntstrok smokfrm pntframe
art1 art3 dabs hazecrak frame indust4 comet
lake tear2 rock2 strokes strokes3 strokes5 art5
pntswirl chexx pntspil waves rtsy1 artsy2 sghetti2
mixed dabs3 hatched stiched paints paints2 paints3
crossed swirl2 pinwheel breezy slate sghetti dabs4
driedup crusted slop smudge sunburst ice coolbox
coolbox2 cavern flames clouds sauce scratch2 hmmm
slick art2 weave strokes7 strokes2 stained roadkill
strokes4 patch steam meteor blakhole breakout cooloval
dried rip gator splotch6 splotch4 rock3 crystal
strokes8 dabs2 strokes6 fire meteor3 hlfwave2 halfwave

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